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in the past week,. a company call, sweep bid .com took 159.00dolars, out of my bank acounted i really dit not give them authorization. for that to happens ,. i t have not see my money back to my accounted yet.

Iam very disgusted obut my money today is the 31 august Ihave not see my money post back to my account yet ,. since last august 24.

i call the bank reported ,. i will never belive ,. companies like this is one CNN. news

lies i wanted to know what cain ofhelp you could help me to try to get my money back



Do you mean Swipebids.com?Sounds like them, if it is you'll need correct name to do anything.

If so, I read somewhere that a class action suit is forming against them. Swipebids is supposedly associated with Just Think Media, Jesse Willms, or something close.

The same guy is in trouble for scams with Dazzling White and other prod.

Oprah and Dr.Oz suing him for using their name without permission on his Acai products.

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